Benefits of Rolfing®

“Benefits of Rolfing”

We work on your body to bring the body back into the comfortable place to stand and move in gravity. By manipulating the fascia, integrating movements, increasing body awareness,  we cooperate with clients to optimise their body structure and movements.

Rolfing can decrease pain and tightness in your body by releasing the soft tissue of the body including muscles and fasciae, which helps to restructure the body more efficient in gravity.  As you have more harmonious structure with gravity, you need less energy to stand, and therefore, you will be less likely to be fatigued and able to focus on the important. Rolfing helps you to live with more vitality, and enriches your life physically and mentally.


– Decrease chronic pain and fatigue in your body

– Improve performance and increase body awareness and balance for dancers, athletes, musicians etc..

– Better posture with less energy expenditure

– Stress Relief with more vitality


– Decrease pain from injuries and repetitive motions

– More economical body use in work

– Physical maintenance before/after surgeries

-Increase range of motion and flexibility of the body

– Body adjustment after childbirth

– Regain your vitality in daily life and work

Rolfing is recommended for any types of body and age from children to elderly people. Many athletes, dancers, musicians, and actress/actors have tried Rolfing, and reported dramatic changes physically, mentally, and spiritually.