Types of Session

Basic Rolfing 10 Series Session 

Rolfing A session : 25,000 Japanese Yen  (120 min)
→ including a Rolfing session, original self care method for each session, explanation of your posture with pictures before and after each session.

Rolfing B session : 15,000 Japanese Yen  (90 min)
→ including a Rolfing session .

This is completed with a total of 10 sessions. Each session has its own theme and you normally take a session once every two weeks. (It depends on your schedule)

You don`t have to take the entire series. You can try one session, and decide if you continue the series.

※ Money back guarantee only for the first session when you are not satisfied.
(You need to fill out the form to explain why)

 Myofascial Release Single Session

1 session: 10,000 Japanese Yen (60 min)

This is a single session for people who have pain or tightness, and hope to relieve them as soon as possible. This is ideal for athletes, performers, and musicians to condition themselves for events.

What to wear in a session

T-shirts/Tank top and Shorts are ideal.

I will cover your body with a blanket or bed sheet during a session.