Types of Session

Basic Rolfing 10 Series Session 

■Rolfing A session : 18,000 Japanese Yen  (120 min)

■Rolfing B session : 16,000 Japanese Yen  (90 min)

■Rolfing C session:14,000 Japanese Yen(60 min)

This is completed with a total of 10 sessions. Each session has its own theme and you normally take a session once every two weeks. (It depends on your schedule)

You don`t have to take the entire series. You can try one session, and decide if you continue the series.

 Rolfing Trail Session

1 session: 6,000 Japanese Yen (60 min)

This is the single session for people who want to try a Rolfing session. This session is only for those who have never tried Rolfing sessions before. I will explain about Rolfing followed by a short session.

What to wear in a session

T-shirts/Tank top and Shorts are ideal.

I will cover your body with a blanket or bed sheet during a session.