Elizabeth Murphy – Testimonial on her Rolfing experience.


Kosuke is incredibly good at what he does!  I am from Hawaii, but lived in Japan for a few months while I was studying for the bar exam.  I first came to Kosuke because I was getting headaches every other day, and knew that I had to get rid of the headaches in order to study effectively.  I’d gotten a lot of massages and had rolfing sessions before, and can honestly say that Kosuke is an expert at massaging the suboccipital muscles (the ones that connect the base of the head to the neck)!  By the end of each session with him, my head and neck would feel nothing short of amazing.  More importantly, Kosuke’s treatments had a significant impact on the headaches themselves: after only a few sessions with him, I barely got any headaches at all.  I also came in with chronic pain in my upper back and neck, and Kosuke’s treatments worked wonders on my back and neck as well.

Kosuke is not only great at what he does; he is also a genuinely nice and caring person.  At first I was concerned because I don’t speak Japanese at all, but Kosuke’s English is excellent.  Also, in comparison to what I’ve found in the US, his rates are very reasonable.  If you are thinking about getting a rolfing treatment with Kosuke, please don’t hesitate. His treatments are the best that Tokyo has to offer and are worth every penny!

Leda WatanabeTestimonial on her Rolfing experience.

Hello Ko,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Rolfing. I was exhausted that day, but
the next day I was feeling very good. My vision was very clear which tells me you were really able to get into the suboccipital  muscles. All over, I feel much better. I sill need some more in head, jaw, and neck, but we can work on that,

Many thanks.